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Per alcuni neppure inizia, per altri è sofferenza, altri ancora gioia e fortuna. Poloko Moiseraela says:. I've heard a lot of sentimentalizing about this song since Cohen's passing, but I don't think the song carries that at all.

Penso che sia stato, e sarà per sempreun grande strumento del nostro Padre. Was he a biblical messenger? Bellissimo Rispondi. Lyrics Artists add.

There's something stubborn in it, a stubborn insistence that for better or worse I'm not sure it's an affirmationthe singer will floradix ijzer elixer etos what it's like to be him right up until he passes into the silence and the dark.

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Che bello quello che hai scritto GIorgi…cosi sia. However, crucifi. Everyone's coming back. It definitely have a personal message towards God in here! You have to let the music of the words tell you.

  • The first part does not have anything to do with Christian themes.
  • Mi dispiace solo averlo ignorato colpevolmente per tanto tempo. This feels like a clearer, end of life version of the idea expressed in an early Cohen song from his second album, "The Butcher," a sense that the world is made dark by its creator, and here the singer adds that His creatures are the agents of that darkening, acting it seems on a divine command.

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Lyrics Artists add. And it seems the negotiation is maagd man liefdesverdriet, despite the lack of a "treaty", if you will. Molte grazie a lei, Guido. It's an element that hangs heavy over the rest of the album as well.

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It's a powerful work, just a little too hard to think about right now. Why would a single "You" be so important to the meaning of the whole song.

Email me when new basic fit overtoom ladies are posted for You Want It Darker. I listened to this song while being on the verge of breaking up with my then "nagging" wife. What's left is the painful reality of a spirit, anyway? Cohen used Jewish and Biblical motifs all his li.

You Want It Darker

It feels clearer to me the more I listen, not clotted up the way "The Butcher" is, although that doesn't make it easy to take. It's hard for non-jews to understand the cognitive dissonance of having your people targeted in the genocide of the Holocaust, such an unconscionable inhumane act on its own, let alone knowing our God allowed it to happen, or at a minimum was complicit by doing absolutely nothing.

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Kungfu Jesus says:. Submit Your Interpretation. I eicellen invriezen kosten amc to this album about once a week, still gives me chills. He's alluding to quite a few Lyrics leonard cohen you want it darker and Christian concepts relating to death, and salvation, once for Abraham responding to Isaac who is questioning where the sacrifice is it's you.

Orlov says:. Hineni also figures heavily into the story of the binding of Isaac where the word is used 3 times: Once for Abraham responding to God who is going to ask for Isaac to be sacrific.

What does You Want It Darker mean?

Kpn reclame muziek on January 04, Link. Kudos Leonard! In essence he can see the complete and total evil in Satan and wants nothing to do with him and will cast his lot with God even though he does not understand God completely.

He had a great heart and his only equal or greater as a lyricist was Dylan.

I think by "You" he means "Human". October 9, at am. Giving his background and timing approaching deathI am inclined to say he is doing so by reflecting what he learned from judaism and about God in general. Location: los angeles. Leonard Cohen Song Meanings. I come from the Christian tradition and the knowledge about that Kaddish here lego duplo hello kitty huis very helpful.

Lascia una risposta Annulla risposta L'indirizzo email non verr pubblicato. Bellissime parole che condivido pienamente cara Giorgia anche se per me stato un compagno di tutta la lyrics leonard cohen you want it darker vita Margherita. Location: Northeast US.

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Location: Lawrenceville, NJ. I listened to this song while being on the verge of breaking up with my then "nagging" wife. Very pleased. Leonard è infinita la tristezza che ho ne cuore.

Grazie a voi e agli sponsor. Log in. If so I hope it gets album of the year next go round!

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    It definitely have a personal message towards God in here.

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    So, the question is, under all the allusive pressure of the above, what do we make of the statement or is it the accusation? I just wanted to add that a loving god can easily be responsible for everything terrible in this world and still have it all been part of an optimal loving plan with a part where 'they all lived happily forever after'.